Moor Cleansing Bar 100g

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An essential beginning to your skin care, this is the ideal alternative to alkaline soaps which can damage skin. Made by hand from pure oils, waxes, and resins of the 700 herbs and flowering plants of this unique Moor, it removes all traces of make-up to leave the skin glowing and is gentle enough to use around the eyes. More than just a cleanser that 'washes' the skin surface, the unique molecular structure of the Moor penetrates to add a new dimension to the process whereby it purifies deep within the tissue to leave the skin free of impurities and more soft, moist, toned and conditioned than you would ever imagine possible in a single step. You can use the Cleansing Bar in place of the Moor Shampoo by making the lather and then rubbing your hands together vigorously to form a creamy lotion which you then work through your wet hair. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes if possible to nourish and feed the hair/scalp before rinsing. Dyed hair may need a light conditioner.
From this black lake in Austria comes a naturally alkaline-free substance made up of over 700 herbs and flowers. Used by Josephine and Napoleon, hailed as the 'Fountain of Youth' by Renaissance physicians, the Moor is the essence of all Moorlife products.


Naturally occurring waxes, oils, and resins extracted from herbal Moor, zea mays, cacao butter, tocopherol.
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